Teaching materials for Cornrow Curves:

Cornrows-like images from nature, architecture, jewlery, etc.

Notes on math curriculum connections

Finding equations for cornrow spirals

Learning Computer Science through Arts Education (Audrey Bennett)



Handout for professional development presentations


How to Run a Cornrow Curves Workshop for Grades 7-12


Joe Bowman <jebowman@albany.edu>

 Gallery of Student work from STEP program, Summer 03


Jeff Burger <jburger6@hotmail.com>

Gallery of Student work from art class at Troy High, Sp 04


Audrey Bennett <bennett@rpi.edu>

Cornrow Curves used in graphic design research by Audrey Bennett

Gallery of Student work from Ark Community Computing Center, Sp 04


Doctoral dissertation on beadloom and cornrows CSDT

So Yoon Lim's artistic paintings of cornrow hairstyles 

Learning geometric transforms with movement 

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