History of Latino-Caribbean Music
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A major change in Cuban music came following the Cuban Revolution in 1959, when a new group of classical musicians joined the scene. Among these musicians was guitarist Leo Brouwer, who was instrumental in the formation of the nueva trova movement. The trova consists of an itinerant troubadour singing ballads. This style of music was transformed into nueva trova, whose lyrics concentrated on issues of socialism, injustice, sexism, colonialism, racism and politics. 

Another popular genera is the guaracha. The guaracha consists of both a rapid tempo and lyrics. It originated in Bufo comic theatre in the earl to mid 19th Century and during the early 20th century it became popular in the brothels and houses of ill repute in Havanna. The lyrics of the guaracha often told the stories of evens and people in the news and were full of slang and satire.

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