Teaching materials for the Virtual Bead Loom


Tips on creating physical beadwork version of your virtual designs


Handout for professional development presentations

Marilyn Hourston's PD Workshop

Adriana Magallanes: <adri2013@yahoo.com>

Master's thesis on the beadloom

Lesson plan on the beadloom

Student work on the beadloom

Evaluation for student performance


Jim Barta: <jbarta@cc.usu.edu>

Pre-test for grades 3-5  

Post-test for grades 3-5 

Video on Ute ethnomathematics, including interview with bead worker (right-click and select "save target as" to download)

Math/Beadwork Activity Suggestions for Teachers

Activity 1 (Counting, Sorting, Classifying)

Meaning and Math in Beadwork (highlights from Barta, J. (1999) Mathematics and Beadwork.  Winds of Change: American Indian Science and Engineering Society, 14(2), 36-41.)

See also Barta, J., Jette’, C., & Wiseman, D.  (2003). Dancing Numbers: Cultural, Cognitive, and Technical Instructional Perspectives on the Development of Native American Mathematical and Scientific Pedagogy. Educational Technology Research and Development, 51(2), 87-97.

Mimi Thomas: <mimi.thomas@mail.uintah.net>

Student work connecting the virtual beadloom to real beadwork

Lesson Plan

Mimi wins art educator of the year award

Kristine Hansen: <hanskris@nicoh.com>

Assignments for working with the bead loom

Evaluation for student performance

Ed Galindo: <MrEdG@aol.com>

Students using the virtual beadloom at Shoshone-Bannock summer science camp, June-August 2001.


Joyce Lewis: <jlewis@lafcs.cnyric.org>

Pre-test for middle school

Post-test for middle school

Amber Michaelsen: <amberann@cc.usu.edu>

Description of classroom use


Ark Community Computing Center


          Puerto Rican Flag project

Linda Rodrigues <linda_rodrigues@nhusd.k12.ca.us>

          Virtual Bead Loom workbook chapter

          Sequencing Worksheet

          Fractions-Percents-Ratios-Decimals worksheet


Nita Berge <"Nita  Birge" <nbirge@cohoes.org>


          Students creating physical beadwork from the virtual bead loom

Molly Suwara <zmolecule@yahoo.com>

Lesson plan for 4th grade students
Students creating physical beadwork from the virtual bead loom

Joe Bowman STEP program 2006

Student work

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