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Alaskan Basket Weaver was created by Dr. Ron Eglash and his associates at the Center for Cultural Design, with the help of numerous collaborators. If you have any questions about this site, please feel free to contact Dr. Eglash.

Many thanks to:

Claudette Engblom-Bradley (Collaborator, Educator) for her invaluable input and enthusiasm.

Teri Rofkar (Artist, Alaskan native basketweaver) for her support and many of the beautiful basket photos used on this site.

Lori Hoover (Educator) for her support and the permission to use multimedia from her website on this site.

Lawrence Eng (graduate research assistant, website creator, author of the cultural background section)


Most of the cultural background section of this site was informed by the following books:

Busby, Sharon. 2003. Spruce Root Basketry of the Haida and Tlingit. Seattle, Washington: Marquand Books, Inc.

Paul, Frances. 1944. Spruce Root Basketry of the Alaska Tlingit. Lawrence, Kansas: Haskell Press.

(Some of the text on symmetry comes from Prof. Eglash's Virtual Bead Loom site.)