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Locating Points


Cartesian Coordinates are used every day in GPS and mapping applications to find specific points on the globe. Instead of describing these points on an X and Y axis, these are instead called Latitude and Longitude. The map below shows a red marker at a (Latitude, Longitude) of (0,0) - the center point of the globe. To find the latitude and longitude of a different point Click on the map, Drag the red marker, or enter an Address.

1. See if you can locate your current location by moving around the map and zooming in as close as you can. Click to create a blue marker and see the Latitude and Longitude of your position in the first set of boxes below.

2. In the second set of boxes below, enter (X,Y) coordinates of (35.680573, -109.052593) and click "Show Point". Where does this take you on the map?

When you click on the map, move the marker, or enter an address, the latitude (X) and longitude (Y) of the point can be seen in the boxes below:
If you know the latitude(X) and longitude(Y) enter them below and see where the point is on the map:

Decimal Deg. Latitude(X):
Decimal Deg. Longitude(Y):
+ for N Lat or E Long
- for S Lat or W Long.
Or enter the address to find the point on the map:
Note: Right click on a blue marker to remove it. 2007-2010