Navajo Rug Weaver

Tutorial: Geometric Tools


There are several tools for weaving on the virtual loom. In each case you use the "tab" key or the mouse to move your cursor to the field for entering the coordinates, then you enter them, and then press the button for the shape tool.

The point tool places a single weave on the graph. This is the same as a single thread of weft over a strand of warp.

Coordinates for a point

Graphing a point

The line tool places a line on the graph beginning at point A (x1,y1) and ending at point B (x2,y2). In the example shown A is (-3,-3) and B is (3,3).

Coordinates for a line

Graphing a line

The rectangle tool fills in an entire woven rectangle on the graph. You specify two vertices (lower right and upper left). The rectangles of this tool are always aligned with the axes. Notice how the rectangle shown is similar to the line in the previous example. They share the same start and end points of (-3,-3) and (3,3).

Coordinates for a rectangle

Graphing a rectangle

The triangle tool fills in an entire woven triangle on the graph. You specify the three vertices (x1,y1) (x2,y2) (x3,y3) to create your triangle.

Coordinates for a triangle

Graphing a triangle

The color of your thread can be changed at any time by using the color picker.

Color picker