Navajo Rug Weaver

Tutorial: Additional Controls


When weaving a rug the weft alternates up and down - every other strand goes in back of the warp, and in the row above it the alternation is the opposite, with every other strand going in front of the warp.

An important part of the weaving process compresses the rows together (the weaver pushes down with a “comb”), the gaps from each row above and below are filled, thus producing an up and down alternation. Press the comb tool to see how your design would appear once combed.

Comb tool

Combed triangle

Normally "Create" is selected, so that your tools will fill their specified shape with beads. "Remove" will erase all threads in the specified shape, so if you make an error use "undo" not "remove".

There are also controls that apply to all the tools. "Clear" deletes everything. The "Save" menu allows you to save the work on your hard drive and edit the design later. Make sure your file name is only letters, not spaces or numbers, and that you go back to the same computer when you want to edit your work.

Printing: after you have your design completed, do a screen capture. In windows you can do that by pressing the "print screen" button on your keyboard, usually located at the upper right above the F10 key. On a Macintosh press shift + apple + 3 at the same time (also shift + apple +4 to select just a portion). That screen capture will save an image of the entire screen to your clipboard. You can then paste the clipboard image into a blank canvas in Word, Photoshop, or other image editor.