Getting started with CSDTs

After following the steps below you can pick a cultual practice to work with. But first, we need to make sure your computer will run the software:

Use Chrome: other browsers will work, but chrome is optimal. Don't forget to update Chrome too!
Register and login: you cannot save to the cloud without it, Login.
Save your work: you can save to your hard drive AND to the cloud, just to make sure.

Saving to the hard drive: select “export project” from the file menu:

Saving to the cloud: select “Save As” from the file menu:

Give it a name (I called it “cool braids”) and select a classroom (in this case ArtDes310) if you have one:

If you were successful this you will see it in your profile, which you can get to by clicking on “my profile” at the upper right:

The next step is choosing a cultural practice--cornrows, beadwork, or whatever you like. If you are a teacher you might want to pick one practice, and split up the class so that each group of students looks at a different section of the background material. Then everyone can report back on what they learned or found interesting, before moving on to the software tutorial.

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